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Tropics (2016)


The installation is merging between one of the traditional and manual art (Linocut-Print making) with sound by showing still printmaking with its ambient sound; Showing 26 still black abstract prints with its ambient sound, this combination produces a new hybrid image of contemporary art.

The contrast details between the white lines movement and the still black & white blocks beside the sound in the background gives a new dimension of automatically animating this lines with the sound in our brains, the audience will live a new experience which differ from one to another, this experience showing  how we live in tropics rolling inside our self, around others and in the whole space of the great galaxies in random, routine, reflected circles for ever.


In 2015 made this abstract video as an experimental animation for the artwork series.

"Tropics" Exhibited in "Roznama 5" group exhibition at Medrar for contemporary art, Cairo, September, 2016.

The installation Exhibited includes the 26 prints beside the ambient sound on heaphone.

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