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Glass house (2015)


In the beginning of 2015 she started her long term project "Glass house", It's symbolize real issues in a black comedy way by viewing natural objects from our environments as a person who had a story.

The installation of a caged tree in a fragile cell with an ambient sound in an opened room, this tree from the most famous trees in Egypt and existing in every street, it looks like the Egyptian citizen; It has the same emotions, face, body, roots,  branches, leaves.


It has memories from its real origin as a tree and headphone, Tablet and notebook as a person which keeps it connected to the surrounding world to keep him survive.


The ambient sound is the virtual sound of the tree's thoughts that crawls inside "his" mind ignoring the nonsense, absurd and bleakness of the reality while he's trying to find a way for exploring the outside world, dreaming of better world and wondering if "he" as a person is in the right environment to grow up or he is just a planted tree in a glass house.

The sound

The preview

Day & Night


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