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Magic Sand (2017)

"Magic Sand" has been a result of the third workshop "Noisy Mechatronic Objects" at new media arts workshops at faculty of fine arts Alexandria in collaboration with 6 French artists from L'École Supérieure d'art Aix-en-provence.

The installation is an-interactive black metal box with aside magnifying glass, on the box's surface a moving -natural object- sand grains which exist as a static random element in our environment; When the audience approach to the box, The sand starts to move into a randomly movement and when they get away it's movement stops and the sound as well and Vise Versa, while every different movement has a different -low frequency waves- sound. As long as this sand wasted in every street in Alexandria and Egypt overall but no one notices its existence, it looks like the crowd when you look at it you just see a crowd but when you focus and get closer you can see every specific detail, likewise the magnifying glass can be the tool for taking a closer look and observing.

The installation exhibited in "Recycle and Play" group exhibition at atelier Alexandria, April ,2017.

"Magic Sand" Exhibited in "Cairotronica" Cairo electronic & New media arts festival at Cairo opera house, May, 2018.

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