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Chaotic routine (2014)

On August, 2013 made those photo series as a digital manipulated photographs with those words.

Like machines, like puppets,

Like pictures on a wall,

Cold and unfeeling,

Static and unmoving,

Everyday, we undergo a Chaotic Routine

We are confronted with scenes of sadism and violence and blood

We are effected; we revolt

We ignore, and are static; again

Everyday, we spin around in our chaotic circles,

That have become part of our daily routine,

We undergo all the colors, all the inconsistent states,

Saturated with White and cold Blue,

We rarely encounter Yellow or Green,

But we are dominated by Red and Black,

Empty and nonhuman.


In 2014 added an ambient sound which was the first sound art for her and the first installation.

Exhibited in Unqualified group exhibition at Janaklees studio for visual art.

The front





















The back

2014 "Chaotic Routine" also Exhibited in "Interrupted" group exhibition at townhouse, Cairo.

The installation Exhibited in a room includes the photo series with a different preview like a puzzle beside the ambient sound which was on a hidden speakers and a printed papers with the below words of the project.

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