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Dust & Glitter (2021)

Dust & Glitter is an installation of a 2 X 2 meter metal box of dust and glitter, this result is  a stage among several more stages of an aesthetic project that depicts a larger research body in progress. The project has started initially at 'We Are Data' program fellowship with collaboration of cairotronica and Impakt in cairo 2019-2020.

This aesthetic practice has been centered around the concept of the order in daily chaos in regard of what is seen as mundane mixed with what is regarded favorable.

The body of research also dived into the historical memory of these materials used. Their origins and the order they make in their chaotic nature in construction and deconstruction. And how that correlates with urban planning perception in Alexandria and Cairo. 

This contrast notion reflects in the collective historical memory of people living and interacting within an environment built with this mundane and not mundane things. 

During this research. Several sample materials have been collected and probed under the influence of sound extracted from its same surroundings.     

A sound that is built from a collective of daily noise, natural and artificial in an attempt to suggest probabilities that fills the void within. 


The research also questions the data used and its impact whether it to be considered accurate or fake inertly.  And to what extent does that impact the receiver and the collective thought?

*Exhibited in Alternative Skies at French Institute in Alexandria, June, 2021.

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