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Resonance of the gyre (2021)

“All Systems Go” is an online International commissioning project at Centrala Space, Birmingham,UK. The project presents eight live experimental music commissions, each exploring responses from UK and international artists to the global pandemic.

“Resonance Of The Gyre” is an Audio & Visual piece that has been screened in “All System Goes”, on 19th of June, 2021.

The project has been commissioned and featured alongside seven international artists: Iraqi-British musician and composer Khyam Allami, British bandleader and drummer Kai Chareunsy, Japanese musician and sound artist Rie Nakajima, Polish multi-instrumentalist and singer Ela Orleans, British art experimental composition duo 7Balcony, Italian illustrator-performer Conny Prantera, and British jazz composer, improviser and guitarist Steve Saunders.


"Resonance of the Gyre '' is an experimental music video illustrating a voyage into the undertaking of the gyre called life through the music and the video as well.

The music is a combination of some field recordings alongside Ableton ambient sounds, The footage was gathered online.

Duration: 21:58 min

Snaps from the film

Resonance of the gyre (2021).jpg
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