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Self Error (2020) 


“Self Error” is an audio work that focuses on exploring the transformation of city voices the Corona virus pandemic period in a research attempt to understand and analyze what we are going through at all stages since the onset of the pandemic and its impact on the daily course of the city and individuals. This work is based on a point where sounds, stillness, places, ideas, things and people intersect, in order to fuse and blend into one anchor.


In this time, we are not qualified as individuals for this kind of solitude with its spaces of time, distances, and self-encounters. In the pre-pandemic era, each of us was completely immersed in trying to overcome the monotony of daily routines and trying to keep up with the rapid developments surrounding events. But with the emergence of the pandemic, life continues in daytime as it was with slight changes in the daily routine, with regard to borders and social distances between individuals that are represented in social distancing measures. As for the curfew night time, it provides an opportunity for some creatures to impose their control over others. This prohibition also provides the opportunity to confront the self and reacquaint ourselves with it.


Each of us has our own way of coping with what we are going through psychologically and physically in the face of this new situation. Some of us take their faith as a weapon, and some of us rely on the survival instinct and adhere to instructions, instructions, and preventive measures to maintain their safety, and some of us spend time learning new things, and some of us decide to take advantage of the opportunity to crawl into places and spaces unfamiliar before.


Length: 04:52 mins

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